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Skincare essentials with Simple & Neal's Yard Remedies

As some of you will know, I am taking steps to look after my skin a lot more these days and in doing so I am very mindful about the products that I use. Much like everyone else, I want to opt for products that are gentle to my skin and help to maintain and improve it's overall health. 

I personally don't believe in having to use a tonne of products to achieve a clear and healthy complexion. I have a few essentials that I swear by and have been using lately from makeup removal products by Simple to nourishing skincare products from Neal's Yard Remedies and I want to share these products with  you as I believe them to be excellent at keeping my skin healthy and glowing.


First up on my is the Simple dual effect eye makeup remover that has literally been godsend. It is by far the most effect eye makeup remover that I have tried to date. I cannot stress enough how amazing this product is at removing all makeup on and around your eyelids including those waterproof makeup products that can sometimes prove to be a nightmare to remove. I can assure you that you will be a convert after trying this product.

The Simple dual effect eye makeup remover is made of oil and vitamin-encrich water to remove eye makeup including waterproof mascara and long-lasting eye liners leaving your lashes nourished and conditioned due to the vitamin E and B5 infused formula.

The Simple dual effect eye makeup remover is very easy to use and you can clear up your eye makeup in a matter of minutes by following the simple steps below:

1. Shake the dual effect eye makeup remover bottle to mix the oil and vitamin rich water.
2. Grab a cotton pad and soak it with drops of the shaken dual eye makeup remover solution.
3. Place the soaked cotton pad on eye for about a minute.
4. Gently slide the cotton pad across your eyelid and watch the makeup clear up from your skin.

Following theses simple steps is all you need to do in order to achieve a makeup free look around your eyes.  You don't need to rub your eyelids with the cotton pad as the solution is effective at dissolving all eye makeup.

The Simple eye makeup remover is available to shop in stores and online from and


The Simple micellar cleansing water is one that I have come to love a great deal over the past couple of months. It has fast replaced my go-to baby wipes that I used to rely on heavily to remove my makeup at the end of the day. 

These days once I have cleared up my eye makeup up, I reach for the Simple Micellar cleansing water to remove the remaining makeup on the rest of my face. Much like the Simple eye make up remover the micellar water does a great job of dissolving the makeup on my face, leaving my skin feeling clean refreshed. 

The Simple Micellar cleansing water is filled with vitamin B3, Glycerin and chamomile to soothe and care for your skin. This explains why my skin is always left feeling hydrated after using using to clean the remaining makeup. The Micellar water is triple-purified, free from minerals to provide instant hydration and reduce the potential for skin irritations. I prefer using the micellar over just water because it doesn't leave my skin feeling and looking dry and this is a major plus for me as I am someone who has dry skin. The Simple Micellar is great at stripping off my makeup but is also gentle on my skin.

Just like the Simple eye makeup remover I make sure to soak a cotton pad with the solution before then wiping the remaining makeup off my face. However unlike the eye makeup remover, I don't need to place the soaked pad on my skin for a little while before wiping my skin clean. 

The Simple Micellar cleansing water is available to shop in stores and online from the likes of and


Neal's Yard Remedies wild rose beauty elixir is almost too precious to use which makes it even better that you only need to apply pea sized portions on to your skin for it to work its magic. The first time I used this product, I did get a bit carried away and applied more than needed on to my skin leaving bits of skin with dried up white patches. I learnt from that so the second time using the beauty elixir I opted for a pea sized portion which I then massaged into my skin. Moral of the story, a small of the beauty elixir will go a long way.

The beauty elixir is my go to product to use after cleansing my face with the Simple micellar cleansing water before then opting for the beauty balm which I will talk about some more below. The beauty balm was the first ever NYR product I had ever tried as well as the first from their wild rose collection. I fell with the beauty balm so easily and quickly that I was eager to try out more products from the range. The beauty elixir is the second product from the range I have tried and I love it just as much as the beauty balm. 

The beauty elixir provides an instant boost to my skin as well as subtle moisture so my skin is not left feeling dehydrated after cleansing. For this reason, I feel the beauty elixir would be great for those of you who may have oily skin. The beauty elixir is also very gentle on my skin which is always very important for me. The wild rose beauty elixir is very light on the skin and it literally feels as though I haven't applied anything on when its all dried up. 


The holly grail of beauty products in my current collection is none other than Neal's Yard Remedies beauty balm. I have been using the beauty balm religiously over the past couple of months and I absolutely love it. There are several ways in which you can use the beauty balm. I've chosen to use the beauty as a facial moisturiser and occasionally as a lip balm because I love how smooth the balm leaves my skin and lips feeling. 

I talked a great deal about how amazing this organic and cruelty free beauty balm is in a previous post so as not to repeat myself, I would recommend you have read to hear more on why Neal's Yard Remedies beauty balm is a permanent fixture on my beauty shelf. 

I tend to apply the beauty balm to my face after using the beauty elixir above. It does a good job of moisturising my skin and providing my skin with some much needed vitamins to maintain a healthy glow. As I said the beauty balm is multi purpose and I am eager to have a go using it as a facial mask next.

You can shop Neal's Yard Beauty Balm in stores and online at

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