Monday, 5 December 2016

Off the Shoulder & Gingham

I know that I have inundated you with gingham posts over the past couple of weeks but I can assure you that this will be the last of my gingham posts for a good while. I know that I have oversaturated my past looks with the gingham print  so much so that I myself have lost that zest and excitement and will be taking a break from wearing it. 

However before I carry out this break, I had to share this lovely Shein off the shoulder bell sleeve top I picked up a little while ago. It was a style that I came to love over the summer, one because I was in love with the off the shoulder trend and two because the overall style of this bell sleeve top screams sophistication to me. 

The amazing thing I love about this off the shoulder bell sleeve top is the fact that it is a wrap style design so you can adjust the fit to suit you best and also choose where to tie the bow thus allowing you to create a slightly different look on different occasions. In addition to that you can choose have the top sit further off the shoulders than I have and I can forsee myself wearing it as such during the summer months. I advice keeping the styling of top simple to enable the exaggerated sleeves to the the talking point of your look. I paired my top with a pair of skinny jeans to create a casual outfit but you could easily pair the top with a form fitting midi skirt to create a little more of a formal look.

I picked up the off the shoulder bell sleeve top in an XS and unlike some Shein bits I have picked up previously, this top was true to my size. I may have picked it in the autumn season but I do feel like I could get a lot more wears out of it in the summer so its one I'll be holding on to and dragging out the closet when it gets warmer.



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