Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Tribal Touch for Winter

It's about time I shared this style post up on the blog as it has long been sitting in my archive of photos for over a month now. It was a look a shot a week or two before christmas and given that we're still in the autumn winter season I've decided to still go ahead and share the look even if it is a little out dated and you have already seen it on the gram and on Facebook. The newest piece of clothing featured in this look was the Romwe multicolour tribal print A line mini skirt which I styled with some old pieces from my kloset.  

I so often stick to my navy and dark shades in the autumn season but from time to time, I like to throw in a little splash of colour and this Romwe multicolour tribal skirt was the perfect piece to do so. It's a piece that it versatile to the seasons and can be worn all year round. Given how freezing the temperatures are over here in London, it would take alot of courage and will power to walk the streets bare legged and it this for this reason that I opted to go for the over the knee high boots. I also threw in the over the knee socks to not only provide even better insulation for my legs but to also add to the aesthetics of this outfit.

I love love, this skirt although I do feel like it does come up rather quite short on me and so I do find myself having to pull it down from time to time as it annoyingly rises up when I move about and in case you're wandering, I stand at 5 foot 7 inches (so you have an idea of what the skirt may look like on your frame). 

Despite the skirt annoyingly rising up over time it was everything I thought it would be judging from the pictures online so there were no disappointments there with the appearance. I was quite impressed with the fabric composition, it was quite sturdy even tough it was not lined. Thus I would recommend you to grab one if you're considering making a purchase. Luckily this skirt is still very much available on so you can grab one if you wish.


COAT - ZARA ( old season)
BOOTS - (old season)
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