Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sleek Make Up Matte Me New Shades Lipstick Review

The first matte liquid lipstick that I ever tried was from Sleek Makeup and that was sometime last year and I have since fallen in love with them, building a mini matte collection of my own. With that being said, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about the three new colour shade releases which are going to be perfect for the upcoming spring summer season.

The three new shades joining the growing collection of Sleek Makeup matte me liquid lipsticks are Apricot Blooms, French Fancy and Crushed Lavender and I am happy to say that these are currently available in stores and online

I have gone ahead and switched all three lipsticks so you can read more on them and see the swatches below.


Sleek Makeup Apricot Blooms

For me, Apricot Blooms is much like a pastel orange shade of lipstick and unlike any other lipstick shade that I have in my collection. I so often tend to stick to the pinks and nudes so it is a welcome change to try this colour on. I will admit that I was apprehensive about trying this colour way as I was unsure if it would look garish on my complexion but with the help of a little lip liner it looked pretty damn good on. I used Mac's chestnut lip liner to outline the shape of my lips before then applying Apricot Blooms. I must say that out of the three new shades, Apricot blooms is my favourite and one I plan to wear a great deal over the spring summer season,


Sleek Makeup French Fancy

I consider French Fancy to be of a bubble gum pink shade. It was the one colour from the three new shades that I felt would outright suit me with or without a lip liner. Although having said that I did still use my YSL no.6 lip liner to online my lips before then applying French Fancy. As with all the matte me lipsticks, French Fancy was fast drying and I found the colour to be highly pigmented and easing visible on my lips. I didn't need several coatings on my lips to get the true colour to show through.


Sleek Makeup Crushed Lavender

The last of the three new Sleek Makeup shades is Crushed Lavender which is much of a pastel lilac shade. It's going to fit incredibly well with the general spring colour palette. As excited as I was to try this colour again I was apprehensive over how it would appear on me. However with the use of my good ole lip liner's it makes it possible for me to rock this colour shade without looking like a clown. 

I first used MAC's chestnut lip liner to outline my lips before then going over that with my YSL no. 6 lip liner and then finally applying Crushed Lavender on to my lips. I found that by blending Crushed Lavender into the lip liners it made it a little subdued and suitable for me and the results are what you see in the pictures.

Swatches (top-bottom) Apricot blooms, Crushed Lavender, French Fancy

All in all the new Sleek Makeup matte me liquid lipsticks are fast drying just like the old favourites. In fact it is the fastest drying liquid lipstick that I own and with the use of a wet wipe, it comes off your lips with ease. There is no need to resort to using oils to get this product off your lips which is a plus in my books. 

The matte me lipsticks are build able to achieve to achieve your desired colour intensity. I will advice that you always always apply a lip balm or lip moisturer of some sort before applying these matte me liquid lipsticks to ease up the drying effects on your lips. 


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