Friday, 31 March 2017

Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paints

For me, the most exciting product to come form Barry M's spring/summer'17 collection was the matte me up liquid lip paints. As you may or may not know, I happen to have a thing for matte liquid lipsticks so these matte me up liquid lip paints are right up my alley. The matte me up liquid lip paints are new to Barry M and will be a permanent fixture on the Barry M beauty shelves in store and also online.  There were three new limited edition lip kits that were also launched for spring/summer 2017 but these five photographed above will permanently be joining the Barry M collection.

I have gone ahead and swatched each and every single one of these five liquid lip paints which you can check out below. I will also be sharing my favourite as well as my thoughts on these lip paints. Are they fab or trash? Find out below!


Barry M Matte Me Up, On The Scene

On the scene, is the lightest lip paint shade from the collection of five. It is a nude shade of lipstick, a bright nude at on my skin tone but nonetheless a lovely nude that looks great on. It also happens to be my favourite shade from this collection of five liquid lip paints from Barry M. I first outlined my lips with MAC's chestnut lip liner before then applying On the scene lip paint. 


Barry M Matte Me Up, Minimalist

Minimalist appears very close in colour to On the scene but once it has been applied on the lips, it exudes a warm peach shade that is right up my street for the summer. Much like On the scene, I used my MAC chestnut lip liner to outline my lips first before then applying minimalist on the lips.


Barry M Matte Me up, Embellish 

Embellish to me is a vibrant bold shade of purple that helps to create a sultry look to your makeup. More often than note we tend to associate dark shades with the colder months but this is a bright shade of purple that will add a pop of colour to your summer looks. I used MAC's vino lip liner to outline my lips before then applying Embellish and photographed is the finished results. 


Barry M Matte Me Up, Pop-Up
I consider Pop-Up to be a combination lipstick of bright pink and cherry. It is definitely a summer shade and is guaranteed to add a pop of colour to your look. It's definitely not a shade for the shy and retiring type. It's a fun bold shade that will be great for the upcoming summer season. I used MAC's cherry lip liner to outline my lips before then applying Pop-up.


Barry M Matte Me Up, Paparazzi
Paparazzi is a scarlet red shade that you should have in your red lipstick collection because you can never have enough red lip sticks in my books! This one is for all seasons, there's something about the colour red that exudes passion and sass and all things sultry. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive about trying this shade on as I thought it may be too bright for me and glad that wasn't the case when it dried up on my lips. I used MAC's cherry lip liner to outline my lips before then applying Pop-Up.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Paints

All in all, I found the Barry M liquid lip paints to be fast drying, long lasting and non-drying on the lips. The coverage is incredible. I found a little application to go a long way. The formulation is great and resulting in a vivd shade on the lips that is not drying even after a long day's wear and I can vouch for that having worn it for 12 hours without the need to top up once. Let me not also forget to mention the subtle fruity scents that seep through when  you open up the lip paints.

Above all, I love the simple fact that all five shades look great on my skin complexion. I love it when brands cater to all complexions. The matte me up lip paints has become one of my favourite lip paints over taking the likes of Sleek's matte me lip paints. Barry M definitely, nailed it right with this product and at £4.99 it is most definitely a bargain and worth grabbing if you haven't done so already.

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