Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Nails inc Mindful Manicure And Breathe

Nails inc Mindful Manicure And Breathe

Last week's nail paint of the week was none other than And Breathe from Nails inc. mindful collection. A collection of five aura enhancing polishes which have all been infused with real gemstones to create either an iridescent or metallic finish. 

You can see more swathes from the mindful Manicure collection over in my Nails inc SS17 collection post. In the meantime, you can ready a little bit more about And Breathe below.

And Breathe has a copper metallic finish to it that shimmers and glistens in the sunlight and should be worn for stress relief and positive energy. The formulation is much like the majority of Nails inc polishes, it is thick yet also easy to apply onto your nails. 

As always I make sure to apply my base coat before then applying two coats of And Breathe and then finishing off with an old favourite Kensington Caviar top coat to add a glossy finish.

Nails inc Mindful Manicure And Breathe


Nails inc. Mindful Manicure And Breathe

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