Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Keeping it Casual in Ruffles

Some days were made for throwing on a good ole pair of jeans and a top and keeping it as simple as that. A casual affair nearly always involves me wearing a pair of jeans and a statement shirt or tee to complete the look. 

"I am amassing a number of  ruffle incorporated pieces in my wardrobe."

My current obsession with all things ruffles is still going strong so much so that it is getting to that point where I am amassing a number of  ruffle incorporated pieces in my wardrobe.

The v neck ruffle shirt is one I recently picked up from Shein. I often opt for a size M in most instances because I want to create that oversized look however I decided to go for a size S on this occasion and in hindsight I should have opted for my usual size M.

While the ruffle top looks perfectly sizeable on my frame, it was a bit of a struggle having to worm my arms comfortably through the sleeves which leads me to think that the sizes do run small. On that note if you are considering making a purchase I suggest you go up a size to prevent the struggles I encountered whilst trying to slip this top on.


Top - Shein
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Banana Republic (sold out)


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