Monday, 17 July 2017

Gingham & Stripes

The outfit that captures my favourite prints that also happen to be a part of 2017 biggest fashion trends. My love for stripes and the gingham print will never die even long after they are deemed to be out of fashion for they will forever be a favourite of mine. 

If you happen to be a regular on my blog then you will know that I have already featured both the off the shoulder top and gingham skirt pieces in separate blog posts. Given how much I love to wear both pieces, it was only a matter of time before I wore them together. The contrasting prints and colours make for a rather complimentary outfit thats more than suitable for the summer weather. It's a little sultry whilst maintaining a level elegance.


Top - Zara (Blue)
Skirt - Similar (black)
Shoes - Bionda Castana
Bag - Jas M. B.


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Models Own One Night Stand Mirror Effect Polish

My last nail mail consisted of Models Own One latest nail polish which goes byt the name of Night Stand and is a  mirror effect polish. I must admit that before swatching Models Own 'One Night Stand' polish, I did have some reservations over whether the polish would actually achieve a true chrome finish and much to my surprise it did exactly just that when I applied the polish. Words cannot describe the excitement I felt the moment when I realised that Models Own 'One night Stand' polish was no ordinary polish but rather a nail revolutionary polish. One night stand is about to change the world of nail polish and I could not be more grateful that I was able to get my hands on one to witness the magic unfold right before my eyes. Thank you to the Models Own PR team for sending me a bottle of this goodness.

As you can imagine after swaching the One Night Stand polish on one nail and being blown away, I instantly applied the polish on my reminging figures because I could not wait to share the glorious finish with my followers over on my Instagram. The one night stand mirror effect box also contains a two in one base and top coat specially formulated to be used alongside the chrome polish.



I found that the two in one polish was fairly glossy when applied onto my natural nail bed as a base coat despite the cloudy appearance of the nail polish solution. However when applied as a top coat I felt as though the two in one base and top coat dimmed the mirror effect of the chrome polish. I then took it upon myself to trial a a couple of number of methods to try to overcome the the dimmed down chrome effect as a result of using the two in one base and top coat provded.


The method I trialed was to reapply the mirror effect polish and to forgoe using the two in one base and top coat before heading off to bed. This turned out to be a bad idea as by the morning when I woke up the chrome polish on my nails resembled that of an ordinary silver nail polish and had lost its mirror effect/chrome finish.

I then tried out the other option of using a different branded top coat which also turned out to be a bad idea as this then transformed the mirror effect into an ordinary silver nail polish finish. As such I would recommend you follow the intrsuctions as stated on the packaging and stick to using the two in one base and top coat provided. Despite the two in one base and top coat creating a slight dim on the mirror effect, it does ensure that the mirror effect lasts longer on your nails which is something no other top coat will do. From all this, I learned that it is crucial to stick to using the provided base and top coat.

Another factor to bear in mind when using the Models Own One Night Stand polish is that the mirror effect lasts for 6 hours, after that the mirror effect dulls and I assume thats where it derives its name of One Night Stand.

All in all I was thoroughly impressed that the One Night Stand polish was capable of achieving a mirror effect with a chrome finish without resorting to all the other extra bits you normally need to in order to achieve a chrome finish. Now what I would like to see next from Models Own is a chrome polish with a mirror effect that lasts longer than 6 hours and more shades, ideally a gold because I am such a gold girl. Hopefully there will be more shades to come our way.

One night Stand is available to buy online at and will be out in stores from Thursday 20th July.

Models Own - One Night Stand

Monday, 10 July 2017

Roxanne Campbell Summer Nail Paint Collection

I recently had the pleasure to swatch the Roxanne Campbell summer nail paint collection and I have nothing but rave reviews for this summer collection. The one quality that stands out for me about the Roxanne Campbell nail paints is the natural gloss of the nail paint as it dries even before applying a glossy top coat.

The nail paint formulation is brilliant in the sense that you can achieve your desired manicure finish with just two applications. The polishes are easy to apply and is touch dry in a matter of minutes. 

I have gone ahead and swatches all four shades from the summer collection which you can check out below and be sure to share with me which shade is your favourite. I quite like all four colours but my favourite out of the four is 'Off to Jamaica'. There's something about this vivid coral shade that I'm drawn to, not only does it compliment my complexion,
 but it also adds a nice pop of colour to my summer outfit. It's definitely a fun bright summer shade that is bound to compliment your summer wardrobe.

To achieve the desired finish in the images above, I first applied a base coat before then applying two coats of each polish. For the purpose of swatching these polishes for the blog post, I didn't apply a top coat as I normally do and as you can see from the images, the polishes dry up with a high glossy finish. I always recommend applying a top coat as it not only adds an additional gloss, or helps maintain the natural gloss from the polish but it also extends the wear of your manicure preventing pesky nail chips.



Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Wrapped up in Nobody's Child

The wrap up ruffle dress has to be one of my favourite summer styles. It has a way of flattering thy body whilst also concealing the slight pouch of a stomach that I have picked due to my lack of exercise. After picking up a short sleeve version from Topshop last year, I was determined to add a long sleeved version to my wardrobe hence this Nobody's Childs creation.

With a piece like the wrap ruffle dress, very little styling is required. It can be dressed up with a pair of heels or dressed down in a pair of flat shoes or trainers, choosing which ever option floats your boat. I opted for my Banana Republic fringe heels. I may have picked them up last summer but I am still obsessing over them plus they are one incredibly comfortable as far heels go. They are one of the most comfortable heels that I have in my possession so that adds on to why I often find myself reaching for them.


DressNobody's Child | ASOS
Sunglasses - Miu Miu
Bag - Jas M B London

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