Monday, 10 July 2017

Roxanne Campbell Summer Nail Paint Collection

I recently had the pleasure to swatch the Roxanne Campbell summer nail paint collection and I have nothing but rave reviews for this summer collection. The one quality that stands out for me about the Roxanne Campbell nail paints is the natural gloss of the nail paint as it dries even before applying a glossy top coat.

The nail paint formulation is brilliant in the sense that you can achieve your desired manicure finish with just two applications. The polishes are easy to apply and is touch dry in a matter of minutes. 

I have gone ahead and swatches all four shades from the summer collection which you can check out below and be sure to share with me which shade is your favourite. I quite like all four colours but my favourite out of the four is 'Off to Jamaica'. There's something about this vivid coral shade that I'm drawn to, not only does it compliment my complexion,
 but it also adds a nice pop of colour to my summer outfit. It's definitely a fun bright summer shade that is bound to compliment your summer wardrobe.

To achieve the desired finish in the images above, I first applied a base coat before then applying two coats of each polish. For the purpose of swatching these polishes for the blog post, I didn't apply a top coat as I normally do and as you can see from the images, the polishes dry up with a high glossy finish. I always recommend applying a top coat as it not only adds an additional gloss, or helps maintain the natural gloss from the polish but it also extends the wear of your manicure preventing pesky nail chips.



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