Thursday, 31 August 2017


A little while back, I was invited down to the UK launch of an organic brand known as Sanoflore by the team over at Beauty Seen PR. 

Over the past couple of years I have developed a great interest in all things skincare especially of the organic kind so it was a pleasure for me to head down to the launch and to learn about Sanoflore. Sanoflore is a long existing well known French brand that was acquired by L'oreal who are making efforts to introduce it to the UK market and having now tried the product, I can see why L'oreal would want to share this organic goodness with us over here in the UK.

Over at the launch I learnt a great deal about the products from the various Sanoflore product ranges to the fact that Sanoflore products are 99.9% organic. There was an expert on board who explained the intricate process involved to create natural fragrant scents for their skincare. At that launch I was told a bit more about the hero product from each of the various skincare ranges and luckily I was gifted with a sample of each hero product to try out and I am going to share my thoughts on them below for you.


The Aciana Botanica/ a gel makeup remover which happens to be one of my favourites from the collection of hero products. I was told at the launch about it's three different forms, from gel like to oil based to a  milk like state and I must say that its changing  form is one of the reasons why I have come to love this product. I find that the changing forms of the Aciana Botanica makes it that little bit more effective at removing any residual makeup left over on my face. 

As I gently rub the gel form of the Aciana Botanica into my skin, it turns into an oil form allowing my makeup to glide over on my skin and with a dash of water, the oil base turns in to a milk like form making it easy to rinse any products off my face.

I loved that a small pea sized amount goes a long way on application which is great as after it is yet to run out even after a , month of daily use. 

The Aciana Botanica retails for £14


Another one of my favourites from the hero products is the Aqua Magnifica/ toner. It was my go to product to use right after the Aciana Botanica to brighten my skin and to also tighten up my pores. Its got a a lovely peppermint fragrance that draws me in to using it time and time again. 

I also found the Aqua Magnifica to be quite useful at reducing the appearance of the blemishes on my face. I made sure to capture the blemishes on my face before using the Sanoflore products and the appearance of them a month after which you can see further down below in this blog post.

The Aqua Magnifica retails for £17


I often used the Rosa Angelica to moisturise and hydrate my skin especially in the evenings given that it is a night time treatment to retain hydration and nourish the skin whilst sleeping. Much like all the other Sanoflore, it has a natural fragrant scent that will draw you in. It's a light substance that gently absorbs into your skin.

The Rosa Magnifica retails for £27.50


The Elixir des reines has been formulated with pure royal jelly to restore a radiant glow back to lack lustre skin. According to the press pack, the elixir de reines plumps the skin and the organic beech bud extract gently exfoliates and illuminates the complexion.

It is the only product that I haven't used a great deal from the collection of hero products but I will be sure to share my results when I get round to making consistent use of it.

The Elixir des reines retails for £36


The freshly distilled, organic floral water came in very handy during the hot and humid days over Summer. I used it to not only cool down during the heat but to freshen up my makeup during the course of the day when the heat was trying to melt it all away. 

The Véritable eau florale meant that everything stayed in place as it should and it was my go to product to cool down when stuck on the tube in the undesirable heat out here in London.

The Véritable eau florale retails for £15


A snapshot of what skin looked like before using any of the Sanoflore products


A month later and the spots have reduced and the blemishes appear to be lighter on my face.


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