Friday, 1 September 2017

Nails Inc. Rainbow Riot Collection

Rainbow Riot was one of the many mini collections of nail paints that Nails inc released over the summer period. I often shared swatches of the various colours from the Rainbow Riot over on my Instagram page but I thought it was about time I shared the swatches over on here before the cold weather hits us. There's still time to cling on to the last remnants of summer by rocking those colourful polishes which is exactly what I am doing right now.

The Rainbow Riot collection consists of three colourful shades, Coral club, Acid House and Pink Rave which retails for £11 each over on The colour intensity from the Rainbow Riots collection is incredible; minimal coats are required to achieve the desired colour of the polish bottle. All shades from the Rainbow Riot collection dry off with a bight neon finish with as little as two applications. I have swatched all three polishes for below to check out.

Coral Club was my favourite from the Rainbow Riot collection and it is one hell of a peachy shade. I wore this colour time and time over the summer. I think it was my most worn colour during the summer months. I just kept coming back to it and even despite the many times I have worn it, I am still not bored of it. 

Acid House is a neon green shade that standouts out from a mile off. It's definitely not a shade for the meek and mild. It was a great shade to add pops of colour to what I wore during the summer months.

Pink Rave is that vibrant pink shade that I loved wearing over the summer months. It was my next favourite colour from the Rainbow Riot collections and one I wore multiple times over the course of the summer season. You can never go wrong with a pink shade. I may have several variations of pink in my nail polish collection but I still never get bored of collecting new ones. This colour never gets old for me.

To achieve the manicure finish captured in the above photos, I first applied a base coat using Nails inc Kensington caviar base coat. Once the base coat was touch dry, I applied three coats of each polish (which is a personal preference) two coats is sufficient but I often choose to opt for three. Once the coloured polish was touch dry I finished things with one coat of Kensington caviar top coat.

(L-R) Acid House, Pink Rave, Coral Club


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